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Sacrament Preparation (Baptism)


A process of preparing parents and godparents to present their child as a member of the Catholic Church.

Those Eligible

Parents and sponsors desiring a Catholic baptism


Baptisms are performed after Mass on the 4th   Sunday of the month. Seminars are held as needed on the 1st Tuesday of the month and are required for parents and godparents. Parents are asked to contact the parish office in the first trimester of pregnancy.



Sacrament Preparation (First Reconciliation, First Eucharist)


Prepares children to receive both Sacraments.

Those Eligible

Baptized children


Preparation begins in the 2nd grade. Parents attend  preparation meetings and their children attend sessions separate from  PSR classes. Requirements for older children are determined by the pastor.


Sacrament Preparation (Confirmation)


Prepares 11th  and 12th grade students for re-birth into a life with Christ and the Catholic Church.

Those Eligible

Candidates who are suitably instructed and intend to properly live out the Catholic faith


Completion of requirements set forth by the Diocese and the PSR Director.



Sacrament Preparation (Marriage)


Prepares engaged couples for their spiritual, physical, and emotional life together.

Those Eligible

Catholic couples wishing to be married in the church.


Timely notification to the parish priest.  After several sessions with the priest, completion of a Premarital Inventory, and participation in Engaged Encounter, a permanent date is set for the sacrament. The remaining preparations of music, photography, and decoration of the church are completed by the couple with the guidance of the parish priest.