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St. Anne & St. Anthony Pastoral Council

· Per Canon Law and per the Pagella and Policies of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Pastoral Councils are required in every parish.

During the year 2008 under the direction of Father Michael Galea the St. Anne and St. Anthony MECTR Committee set forth the goal and action plans to establish a pastoral council for St. Anne and a pastoral council for St. Anthony.

The St. Anne Pastoral Council and the St. Anthony Pastoral Council was combined into one Pastoral Council beginning  March, 2013.  This decision was made after the review of agenda and action items by both councils from 2009 through 2012.  


Pastoral Council Focus:
Long range pastoral planning as related to parish life.

Areas of Responsibility:
Matters pertaining to the parish life as defined by reviewing canons 528-530. These canons are the foundation for the seven critical elements of parish life and are listed as:

· Evangelization
· Worship
· Word
· Community
· Service
· Stewardship
· Leadership

Parish Interfaces:
· The councils are a resource and serve in a consultative role to the pastor.

· The council members should be a contact for any parishioner in their parish as related to the seven essential elements of parish life.

· The councils are the link and the mentor committee for the St. Anne and St. Anthony "Ministry Primary Contacts."

· The councils can make decisions with the pastor that authorizes funding as related to the seven essential elements of parish life. The timing of the funding and release of funding must be worked with the parish financial council.

· The councils are not involved in the day to day running of the parish, but should recognize decisions that can affect the day to day running of the parish and the administrative staff.

· The councils are not involved in the maintaining of the parish facilities and infrastructure, this falls to the parish finance councils.

The Pastoral Council meets the second Tuesday of each month

Current Pastoral Council Members:

Fr. Keun-Soo Lee

Deacon Jerry Braud
Oliver Butler, St. Anne

Michael Heath, St. Anne

Joe Henn, St. Anthony
Jessie LeBlanc, St. Anne

Nick Milano, St. Anthony

Rita Patrizi, St. Anthony

Carmen Ramber, St. Anne
Debbie Schexnaydre, St. Anthony
Mark Stevens, St. Anne

Janelle Waguespack, St. Anthony

John Part – Facilitator, St. Anthony


Previous Pastoral Council Members:
Joe Henn, St. Anthony

Teresa Garrett, St. Anne
Roger Gautreau, St. Anne

Ruth Humphrey, St. Anne

Anita Hymel, St. Anne

Louis Latino, St. Anne

Blake LeBlanc, St. Anne

Stephanie LeBlanc, St. Anne

Joan Lee, St. Anne

Boyce Madere, St. Anthony

Carmel “Doot” Madere, St. Anthony

Sammie Melancon, St. Anne

Perry Schexnayder, St. Anne

Lana Trabeau, St. Anne

Paul Waggenspack, St. Anthony

Dan Wanko, St. Anthony

Donnie Hoffman, St. Anthony
Jan Humphrey, St. Anne

                                                                         Chris Matassa, St. Anthony