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St. Vincent De Paul- Feeding the Homeless


Once a month, a group from St. Anne/St. Anthony would prepare a meal to serve 30 people at the homeless shelter on Plank Road.  Common meals are jambalaya, spaghetti, etc.  Bring bread, sides to go along with your meal as necessary.  The shelter provides serving utensils and all paper plates, etc.  We normally eat with the men but it is not mandatory.  There is parking on the side of the building and they help you bring everything in and wash your serving dishes after.  Our goal is to have twelve groups so that your group would only serve once a year.  Your group could be your family, a group of couples or friends.  You can get by with a minimum of three people to serve (at least one man) so in some groups some can cook and some can serve to make it work.  It is a wonderful experience to “feed the hungry”.


Those Eligible

All Parishioners



Volunteer for a specific cooking/serving date for your group per the St. Vincent de Paul available serving dates.